Fall 2019

Cold weather finally blowing into Oklahoma! We’ve printed some new sweatshirts, uploaded new works from Tyler Krasowski, Jenna Bryan, and James David Osborne.

Had a kickass time catching up with people at the OKC Zinefest this month too! Plenty coming up on the horizon, here’s a photo dump!

OKC Zine Fest Table 2019

OKC Zine Fest Table 2019


Plants, Astrology, & Psychic Abilities

Collaboration between Oscillator Press and Broken River Books.

Story from J. David Osborne, Illustrations by Eric Piper


Zine of Consciousness

Jenna Bryan

Eric Piper
September News -->> What Is It?

Animal Magic was printed in Temple, Texas during 2018 Non Grata US Tour. It features previous works, acrobats, ebola demons, caterpillars, sigils and psychological diagrams, all distorted and combine into a new shit-storm of surreal action and visuals. A varied edition of 50 4-color screen prints on 110# smart white paper.

The Possessive Spiritualism Beginners Guide is a small book mentioned in Tracy’s novel, Helene. “A hybrid genre narrative about a young queer woman who debates if she should become possessed by her dead grandfather’s spirit and hallucinates her childhood as a sitcom where famous religious figures and celebrities stand in for her family. The text ruminates on the grief caused by having a female body and uses comedy to address pain and induce healing.”

Screen Print and Xerox, limited edition of 50, written by Tracy Jane Gregory, illustrated by Eric Piper.

Blessing is a three color screen print designed by Oklahoma based artist, Derrick Adams. Derrick Adams is a creative fountain of illustration. Years of work give glimpse to beautiful alien worlds and environments, cute and disturbing characters, an otherworldly alternate-reality for the curious eyes.

Zines Y’all - Zine and Small Arts Fest 2019

Zines Y’all brings a variety of artists together to share their work with each other and the public. 2019 featured live readings from, Ashley Morrison, Emily Soreghan, Laura Alexandra, and Tracy Jane Gregory. Read Y’all! The poster was designed by Jenna Bryan. This poster features a variety of worms all proclaiming loudly, “READ Y’ALL!”




Guest appearances from Lemon Slice, Cray-ons, Ice Cream, and Xylophone.

Four color screen print, limited edition of 50 on 110# smart white cover paper.

Eric Piper